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About us

Wahba headquarters
El Obour Industrial City, Egypt

Packaging line
Hanalico for Food Industries

Factory aerial view
Mufaddal for Food Industries

Habba Habba family
hard working and dedicated to excellence

Quick turnover time
Wahba Warehousing and Logisitics

Mufaddal started as a humble trading house in Cairo in 1979. Since then, the company has diversified its operations into the trading of tea, pulses, grains, wheat, sugar, spices, herbs, oil seeds, animal feed and dried fruits. Mufaddal in Arabic translates as being "the preferred". With its innate belief in becoming "the preferred," Mufaddal justified its name by becoming the preferred trading house and partner for scores of international suppliers and customers, by gaining their trust and confidence over the last four decades. This was attained by remaining humble to market volatilities and changing trends, hence ensuring that we remain "small" enough to be customer oriented, yet are "large" enough to stay competitive and provide security to our customers, suppliers and employees.

In 2001 Mufaddal sensed the need to elevate its business platform, and commit to quality by further developing and integrating its supply chain, and therefore Wahba for Food Industries began its operations on the outskirts of Cairo, as an in-house processing plant dedicated exclusively for the splitting and grading of pulses, cereals and grains.

The company was formed with a simple vision: "HabbaHabba". This vision made it imperative for the company to ensure that each grain, seed or habba found in every ton of raw material was to be given an imprint of quality unmatched elsewhere in the world.

In 2007 Mufaddal for Food Industries was inaugurated, over 50,000 square meters of land, 60,000 tons of silo storage , 15,000 square meters of warehousing space and 6 factories dedicated to the sieving, grading, and splitting of beans, lentils, rice, and other local and international produce. The company is continuously exploring and venturing into many exciting projects and in 2008 Hanalico for Food Industries a sophisticated rice mill was developed with the ability to cater rice for both the bulk and the retail market; a first for the company.

Mufaddal believes strongly that through its brand "HabbaHabba" it can promote the consumption of pulses in the region - since pulses have a low glycemic index, are tasty and nutritious, and have a positive impact on sustainable agriculture with world food security.

Quick Facts

1979 beginning of operations

8 factories

85,000 tons of silo storage

25,000 square meters of storage

1600 tons daily processing capacity

2016 IYOP


Welcome to the humble family of Mufaddal.

Ever since "Mufaddal" started in 1979, we have given priority to quality. This has granted us a growing relationship with our customers. We have reached a standard today where our business is recognised amongst the top on the national and regional level. This has been achieved by the grace of Allah and the hard work and dedication of our family and staff. We are driven by the desire to continuously improve and develop our sourcing, processing and human development to make our brands a signature of quality, standard and trust.

The idea and philosophy behind "Habba Habba" is to give the highest attention of detail to each grain during its process of sieving, grading, splitting and packing. We have a team of passionate experts who exercise extreme scrutiny to make sure that each grain or habba we produce has a quality and transparency unmatched anywhere in the world.

With the dawning of the International Year of Pulses (IYOP) in 2016, we grasp the opportunity to promote all the marvellous advantages and benefits pulses have to offer. We are supporting and sponsoring conventions, NGOs and local communities to help them create and spread the "pulse philosophy".

Our message is simple. Love pulses.

Saifuddin Abidali Chairman

Love pulses, sustainability, agriculture, health, business

For us its the love which drives us to be better

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide effective services and solutions to the pulses and grain sector by processing and marketing high quality produce by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in our systems, product range and brands to guarantee customer satisfaction, we remain passionate about serving our clients, committed to operational excellence and dedicated to sustainable growth.

We believe that our suppliers and customers are our partners and make every effort to meet their requirements and demands, even under the most turbulent market conditions, hence taking pride in being dependable and reliable.

We understand that our product is a small link in a long chain of preparations that ends as a meal on a table and therefore give our utmost to make sure that our link is the strongest in that chain.

Our philosophy

We aim to promote the value of pulses, as a cost effective source of nutrition. We believe that the processing of pulses, from its farming till it being cooked and consumed has a positive impact on consumer health, soil fertility, the environment, food security and global economy.


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